The First Season

        Shadows in the Mirror

Information & Instructions for Submitting



All submissions must be made no later than Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017. Please note, before submitting for any of these roles, please read carefully. "Vantage Points" is a new TV series, being produced for Amazon Prime. The show has been designed for each cast member to own full rights to their particular filmed perspective/vantage point of the entire mini-series.

Video Submission:
In order to be considered for any of these roles, you are required to send a 40-60 sec monologue. The monologue should showcase your dramatic/emotional side, as the roles are going to be quite intense. All monologue submission video's should be in .MOV,  Mp4 format, 3rd party video links (YouTube, Vimeo, Google etc.)

Please include the following information, along with your video submission to the email below:
* Your full name  *Age   *Role you are auditioning for  *City/State you reside *Best contact number

Submission Deadline: August 23, 2017

*After reviewing your material, selected actors will be invited to a 2nd audition.


Dates for production: 

You must be available from September 27th - October 11th, for image consultation/styling, pre-production and filming. The entire production will take place in the Bay Area, of California.
Reel Media will be responsible for each actor's accomodation reimbursement for the entire duration of the production.
*Catering will be provided for actors on set.


Actors Owning Rights/Co-Investment for TV Series:

Actors selected, will receive individual ownership to the masters/copyrights for the entire TV series by co-investing into the production of the show. If selected, co-investment/ownership will be explained in detail.

IMDb Credits:
All actors will receive IMDb credits prior to the TV show placement on the network, which is scheduled for November, 2017. 


Production Dates -  September 27th - October 11th, 2017

Network Placement -  November, 2017

Available Roles & Cast Info:

Samantha ​(AVAILABLE)
Samantha has been home schooled her entire life. Once she is surprisingly enrolled in public school, her world is turned upside down.

Marley is used to having things go her way all the time. When the situation at hand, is out of her control, it causes quite a disruption.

​​ Irene (ROLE FILLED)
Irene is a pretty tom-boy, who is always joking around. She uses humor to help cover up the things that really bother her.

Tamara ​​(AVAILABLE)​ 
A bit cold on the outside, but caring on the inside, Tamara has a cool confidence about her that can't be overlooked.

Jamie is your girl next door. She is always looking at the bright side of things, however, there is something she may be hiding.

Allison ​​(AVAILABLE)
Perceived as happy on the outside, but the inside is a different story. Allison tries to influence her "friends" using manipulation.

Kayla ​​​​(AVAILABLE)
Care-free, Kayla finds the beauty in everything, until she is faced with something uglier than she's ever seen or experienced before.

Mysterious and may seem confused at times, but everything that is happening is falling right in line with Joanne's predictions.

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